Why Use F.C.C. Development Corp.?

F.C.C. Development Corp. has been mastering the art of development and construction for over 30 years. While our industry continues to evolve, some things will always remain the same. Consistency, insuring innovative, creative and state of the art designs, providing customers a stress free “can do” process from start to finish. We take pride in guiding clients through uncharted territory from pre-construction development to final clean and handing over the keys. We are committed to providing the highest quality and attention to detail, as a standard feature, in each and every project with an emphasis on our core values:


Our focus and expertise is commercial, dental and medical custom design, construction and finish. F.C.C. Development Corp. is rehearsed in all phases from concept to completion, guiding clients throughout an otherwise complicated process of executing a vision into reality without unnecessary, costly change orders and delays.


At F.C.C. Development Corp. we understand the importance and have mastered the art of synchronization and precise execution of the multifaceted details standard in dental and medical construction. Our goal of being proactive, informative and expeditious throughout the entirety of a project makes communication key.


A clear understanding on the scope of a project by our team, a timetable, open and frequent communication, well designed plans, thorough specifications and allowance provisions, and progress reports are all standard practice and allow us to provide quality service in an efficient, expeditious, economical fashion.